Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Flash fiction for SHOTS4 is Iiiusion:

Dictionary definition- a false apperance or deceptive impression of reality.

Where the mirror gives an illusion of
depth. A false or misleading perception of belief is ‘dillusion’.A perception
that is not true to reality, having been altered subjectively in the mind of the

Please also consider ‘Hallucination’. Hope that’s OK.
P.C. World... So what exactly does this mean to you? A Pretentious
Construct in shades of grey? Coloured or Black? Or will Pretty Colours do
instead? Throw them all up in gay abandon. Stir them up with your own
Personal Comments; or is it all just Pretty Crap? Personal Computer, Police
Constable, all Perfectly Correct, but even if you are Pondorously Covert are
you above all being Politically Correct, because if you’re not, be Particularly

For Shots4 we will allow you to be as un P.C. as you wish and look

forward to your very Perceptive Contributions.

Words: 500 remember under not over

Theme: As above

Style: Any

Must haves: N/A

Any thing else: No…………the rest is up to you

Closing time: All submissions must be in to me by mid-night on the 28rd June

Please read the submission guidelines before submitting.

Send your entries to Dan at

Friday, January 26, 2007



This edition prize:

A limited edition shots flash t-shirt

Friday, January 05, 2007


Will be held for each issue


At 12 noon on the Saturday before the main deadline I will post the theme

and the word target on this page.

You have from 12 noon Saturday until mid-night on the Sunday to write, write, edit and edit some more.

All we ask is that you hit the word target and theme within the time frame.

The style and content are all up to you.

Please see the Submission Guidelines below

Good Luck!

The Prizes:

The prizes:

1st Prize: Prize of the edition! Your work in print and a free copy of SHOTS

2nd Prize: Your work in print as 2nd place runner-up and a free copy of SHOTS

3rd prize: Your work in print as 3rd place runner-up and a free copy of SHOTS

4th-10th Prize: Will have their mane and work published on the blog (if your name/work is on the blog or in an edition of SHOTS please can you buy a copy…it keeps us going)

Submission Guidelines

1. The target is.........this will change each time. Any story exceeding the word limit will not be considered. The closer you get the better!

2. We accept submissions at any point after the start time and before the end time. Any submissions after the end time will not be considered for this edition.

3. We accept submissions at any point after the start time and before the end time. Any submission after the end time will not be considered for this edition.

4. There is no entry fee as such, but we would be grateful if you bought a copy of SHOTS. Those in the top 3 get a free copy. Those in the remaining top ten will be published on the blog and are required to buy a copy of SHOTS.

5. Please send your submission to Dan at Your submission should be in the body of the email with your work’s title as the email title. Please write the word count, your biography and address etc. at the bottom of the email.

6. The work must be your own. Please include: a short biography of no more then 25 words; your name or pseudonym; your postal address in case you win a prize.

7. Entries will be judged based on style, originality, technical skills, and content. Proofread your work, if you want to win!

8. Write about any topic, any genre! As long as you follow the guidelines, your story is what we want to read. Judging will be done by the SHOTS editors.

9. The work will be published in the current edition of SHOTS. Those placed within the top ten will also have their names printed in the magazine and their work on the blogspot for 4 weeks after the publication of the current edition. Publication is 4 weeks after the submission deadline. See the blogspot for publication dates.

10. Privacy Notice: We will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission.

Announcement of Results:

All results will be announced on the SHOTS blog spot an individual winners will be notified by email.