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Flash fiction for SHOTS4 is Iiiusion:

Dictionary definition- a false apperance or deceptive impression of reality.

Where the mirror gives an illusion of
depth. A false or misleading perception of belief is ‘dillusion’.A perception
that is not true to reality, having been altered subjectively in the mind of the

Please also consider ‘Hallucination’. Hope that’s OK.
P.C. World... So what exactly does this mean to you? A Pretentious
Construct in shades of grey? Coloured or Black? Or will Pretty Colours do
instead? Throw them all up in gay abandon. Stir them up with your own
Personal Comments; or is it all just Pretty Crap? Personal Computer, Police
Constable, all Perfectly Correct, but even if you are Pondorously Covert are
you above all being Politically Correct, because if you’re not, be Particularly

For Shots4 we will allow you to be as un P.C. as you wish and look

forward to your very Perceptive Contributions.

Words: 500 remember under not over

Theme: As above

Style: Any

Must haves: N/A

Any thing else: No…………the rest is up to you

Closing time: All submissions must be in to me by mid-night on the 28rd June

Please read the submission guidelines before submitting.

Send your entries to Dan at


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